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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Snow day
Student Driver
yeah, I know they wouldn't have had school regardless. :):)

Critter hauled me out of bed early and got me out of the house to take his car to the dealership. He was kind enough to stop at McD's for a spot of breakfast, and I had bagel, hashbrown AND cinnamon roll evil carbs to protest the earliness of the hour.

Critter's turn signal was blinking rapidly because the bulb was blown because the lens was full of water. Water drained, bulb replaced, drain holes created via drilling, and we were on the road back home.

I was sleepy enough that I crawled back into bed. I've no idea where my headset went between the dealership and leaving the house a second time, however. Critter woke me up later to ask to drive over to A's house to play X-Box, and that got me out of bed to go over Knight and Ro's as was today's plan.

I made three more valentine's. I plan to go over on Monday for one last round of stamping, and I've an idea for what to do about per-force emailed valentine's for out-of-towners.

Ro was home from cropping by the time I was through with stamping, and we all headed downstairs for dinner and 2/3rds of SciFi Friday. Critter called for pickup before we were done watching, so I made him wait on me a bit. He drove us home, and we got here three minutes before his permit turned into a pumpkin.

His driving is getting much better, although I'm still a bit nervous about how close he gets to the edge of Vince, an admittedly narrow road. His accelerations are smooth, as are his decelerations, but his braking is still just a tad late. He's almost ready to start learning on a stick...

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Ah the days when a certain someone is learning to drive...this is so cute.. i enjoy reading bibble about young critter

Re: This is So CUTEEE

I'm glad you're enjoying your reading. :)

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