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For a last minute party, I think it went pretty well.

After touring the art show at school, I dropped off Tigger at home to make the cookie-cake while I took Critter to Dr. Bizer's. We ordered his contacts (he's been wearing one pair; a set of boxes is coming in a week) and a pair of glasses for each of us.

While Critter was waiting for the contacts person, I went through all the frames and picked out a bunch. Then I made Critter look at me in all of them, and rejected all the ones to which he said no. We narrowed it down to five frames.

After Critter had been checked out in his contacts, he picked out two frames. We each had an expensive pair we liked, and cheap (in my case, two cheap and two medium, as well). Then we priced the various high-index choices in lens material, since we both have excessively high prescriptions, and decided the money should go to lens material, not pricey frames.

We ended up getting very similar frames; mine are violet and his are dark blue. My frames are small enough that I opted for single-vision lens, with the read-under the frames option for close work. ;)

We got home barely in time to turn around and leave for dinner. We met Ro and Knight and Raven and Thunder and friend™ and Freedom at the Imperial Hunan in Woodhill for dinner. I shared a dish for twowith Thunder, which was pretty good, but I would have liked more crab rangoon and fewer veggies. Ro and Knight gave Flar his gift at dinner: a hand drum that they picked up on our trip to Gatlinburg. It was sacked upside down, and at first Flar though it was a vase. But, when he found out it was a drum, he really liked it. :)

In the course of conversation, Flar mentioned that he received his gift from Mom and Dad -- a gift certificate for Amazon. He was surprised to learn that Amazon sells more than books. ;)

At Collins, we got two lanes for three hours. Flar and Critter and Ro and I bowled against Tigger and Freedom and Raven and Thunder and friend™ in the first game, and just Tigger and Raven and Thunder in the second game. I bowled a 131 and a 126, thus proving it was the lanes at Jillian's, not me. ;) Ro bowled much better in her second game than her first, proving that the lights really do throw her off.

We lit Flar's 47 candles between our two games; Flar blew out all the candles, but declared it hard work. :) Then we found out that I didn't have Tigger cook the recipe long enough (double recipe, smaller pan-- I should have increased the cooking time, probably by 50%). But we all had our share of cookie-with-goo. I'll try re-baking the remainder.

After the second game, Flar opened his presents from Tigger and me -- the first season of Miami Vice and Steve Jackson's Ninja Burgers. We will probably find time to play a bit of each sometime this weekend.

Now that we're home, it's time for sleep. I have to get up early in the morning to ferry Critter and his car to the dealership to ask about a few minor things, like turn signal lamps that need replacing, and such.

Later in the day, I'm planning to finish my smallish list of Valentine's, much too late for mailing, so I'll be sticking to in-town cards this year.


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