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Mother and Child: Day Five

Today was a Very Good Day.

Okay, so it started a bit awkwardly. I ventured out into the jacuzzi room to:
  • get the clothes I've be wearing after my shower - laundry is still in progress and
  • yell up the laundry chute to Tigger, to deal with the dogs.

I was already running late, as I didn't hop out at the first sound from the alarm. I've forgotten what it's like to have workers on property at early hours. This wouldn't partic ularly be a problem, except:
  • they were working on building steps outside the back door
  • I sleep in the nude most nights
  • did I mention the back door is full-length glass
  • I hadn't bothered to pull on a robe, and
  • the ba ck door is directly opposite the door from the hall to the jacuzzi room...

Quick retreat.

We got out of the house on time, including feeding & walking the dogs, and talking to Farmer and Helper. They didn't mention the brief glimps e. I didn't bring it up. ;)

Got to the bowling alley in time to eat breakfast before the organizational meeting for the Tuesday Tigers started. Grace and I got selected for the Banquet committee. And we've quite a tradition of freebie giveways to live up to. Knight seems to like the idea of Erosul contributing something, and he says the Radisson has marketing freebies as well. The organizational meeting took long enough that it was only reasonable for Tigger and I to play two games before leaving.

I tried one more Target for acceptable shoes, and finally settled on another couple of pairs of the shoes from Meijer that fell apart too quickly. These should last me until the weather is cold enough for a different style of shoe.

We went on home, walked the dogs, had leftovers for lunch, and then Tigger read four pages of Howliday Inn to me. I realized that I was starting to get a mild headache, so Tigger suggested I take a nap to get rid of it. I ended up getting three phone calls during my nap, but I think the rest did me good. I got up in time to skim email and live journal, and then it was time to leave for Non-Burley Bowling.

I dropped Tigger off at Knight and Ro's, to spend the evening with Kittybane. I sent along three Red Baron individual pizzas, so that he contributed something to his dinner. I figured we hadn't discu ssed food, so it would be reasonable to provide at least part of the meal.

Then I went back to the bowling alley. It's always so much busier at night than in the morning. The Non-Burley league has been a very close race this year. We were bowling vacant tonight, which meant we had to bowl to within 40 points of our team average (or higher) each game. Not only did we do that, but Grace had a particularly great first game - bowled a 203, AND a great series - 514. This is her first 500 point series, so this was particularly neat. By taking all four points (3 games and total pins), we ended up winning the league by a half point over the two teams tied for 2nd place, who had a half point advant age over the team that took fourth. Like I said, a very close race.

After bowling, I had a phone call scheduled with Wolf. We talked about all things and sundry, and it wa s a very nice return to our habit of extended phone conversations on Tuesday evenings. One of the things we talked about tonight was what a good Master he is to me, and I realized I've never bothered to mention that in print. The thing of it is, it's so easy to put this trust into him, because of the concern I know he has for my wellbeing and happiness. It can set up quite a conflict to have that kind of concern in a relationship that intentional includes the infliction of pain -- one that pushes the b oundaries. He not only challenges me to go past limits that I think are solid, but he also knows what edges are important not to push against. I'm fortunate to have such a Master in my life.

After our phone call, I went to pick up Tigger. H e'd practically started off the evening with a bouncing energy that gained him what will no doubt become a black eye. When I got there, he was intensely occupied with a NeoPets game, but as soon as it was over, he was bouncing me and hugging me. When he realized that I'd let myself get caught up in yet another episode of the Jim Belushi sitcom that Knight and Ro were watching, he went back to play with Kittybane some more.

Once we got home, Tigger headed straight for bed and sleep, and I sat down for t he final email and livejournal round for the evening.

  • the Hot Springs spa guy will look at the jacuzzi
  • I need to finish the laundry
  • I need to tackle the bills
  • I need to vanquish the kitchen clutter
  • We stil l haven't gotten haircuts or gone to the pool
  • It's starting to creep up on time to think about packing for CA, trip one.

I haven't heard from Turnip in over a week. Need to find out what's going on with him.

Knight and I are talking a bout seeing Eight Legged Freaks at the Bourbon drive-in in Paris on Thursday. Okay, there's just something deliciously fun about the phrase Bourbon drive-in in Paris. I need to talk to Random to see if Eight Legged Freaks is the kin d of movie I think it is -- in which case, the drive-in seems like the most appropriate way to watch it. Like when we watched Godzilla 2000. I can't imagine watching that flick anywhere else. ;)tQ

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