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Okay, so the format of this post was to be:

Remember this?

and then it just fell apart, when I went to look for a link, for the next bit:

There was an answer in the Herald-Leader today.

Bleh. It was in the national news column of the Herald-Leader business section. I couldn't find it on the website, in the main business page, any of its subcategories, any of the national news categories, or even by searching in recent news. weird.

anyway, the relevant excerpt, hand-typed by me:

Ford offering severance incentives

Ford Motor Co., is offering buyouts of $100,000 each to workers who lose their jobs to plant closures if they agree to give up all benefits except their pensions. ... The company hopes to offer them to workers at all idled plants, but they must first be approved by the United Auto Workers in each location. ... other offers include a tuition reimbursement program, two early retirement programs and a preretirement leave program.

I did find a news link to the information, just not at the Herald-Leader site.

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