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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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State of the me
See mood.

More completely...

Emailed with Dorian, who was flattered over my attraction, but convinced that (a) we couldn't do long-term and that (b) short-term would harm our friendship. So we get ever so much more significant no-objective flirting and teasing. Fine. He still has The Best Hands Ever™.

Have determined that Alaska fills my zizzle-tank, and need to review work on grounding/centering/shielding, and that my old teacher is too busy for me, no surprise.

Need to rein in caffeine and get a handle on flirting/sex ratio, in light of zizzle tank.

Thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Ro and Knight. I weighed in 4 pounds heavier this morning, but I'm putting it down to PM water retention.

In case there's anyone else out there even mildly perturbed about it, don't be on my account. I really don't mind competing events on Memorial Day, even poly ones.

Getting caught up on laundry, and ooh, lookie, there's still snow on the grass!

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that I might be able to attend this PWP...


Twould be awesome, and you'd have dibs on my garret. Love!

That would be tres cool.

If there is anything this meager one can do to facilitate your visit...

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