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State of the me

See mood.

More completely...

Emailed with Dorian, who was flattered over my attraction, but convinced that (a) we couldn't do long-term and that (b) short-term would harm our friendship. So we get ever so much more significant no-objective flirting and teasing. Fine. He still has The Best Hands Ever™.

Have determined that Alaska fills my zizzle-tank, and need to review work on grounding/centering/shielding, and that my old teacher is too busy for me, no surprise.

Need to rein in caffeine and get a handle on flirting/sex ratio, in light of zizzle tank.

Thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Ro and Knight. I weighed in 4 pounds heavier this morning, but I'm putting it down to PM water retention.

In case there's anyone else out there even mildly perturbed about it, don't be on my account. I really don't mind competing events on Memorial Day, even poly ones.

Getting caught up on laundry, and ooh, lookie, there's still snow on the grass!

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