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Jiggety-jig, or sharks and rays gots two!

(Home again, that is.)

Compare and contrast Knight's post with Ro's post , and expect this to fall somewhere in the middle.

I was actually ready to go on time (phone-arranged delay to 12:30 time, that is), so I got extra minutes with my sweetness while I unscrambled and tuned , but didn't challenge my brain . I even brushed Dizzy a bit before leaving.

Ro and Knight picked me up at home and we started our trip on the windy back-road way to shave time off the southern route. We stopped for a few convenience breaks, and I upheld my traditional road habit of over-caffeinating. At the last convenience break, Knight bought Flar a birthday present. Bday plans still up in the air -- the B word has been mentioned, so it's anyone's guess .

Our cabin was beautiful. All done up in Bear decor over knotty pine construction, with nifty fake-fire space heaters, and a bunch of games upstairs. The circular staircase was a bit low over the trash can area, which I treated carefully after the second head-bump. There was a spa on the back deck, and rockers on the upper front deck. There was also a heart-shaped tub, which alas we didn't have the time to use.

We ate dinner at The Great American Steakhouse on Friday night, then soaked in the spa and finished up by watching parts of SciFi Friday.

Saturday, Ro and Knight let me sleep in, then we had eggs and bacon and biscuits for breakfast before setting out for the day. We shopped and shopped and shopped , ate at FuddRuckers, saw one of the five live bears, then watched Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. I especially liked the ostrich races, the piglet races, and the children chasing chickens. I can only presume they seated us with the north because Ro made the reservations. </tone="mock outrage">.

Sunday, we ate at the Flapjack Cabin, toured the Aquarium and got Olde Tyme Photos made. We stopped in Knoxville at Cozy Mel's for a meal on the way home, where we shared table-side guacamole, and I finished the Margarita Sampler. Thus, I slept most of the way home. We stopped at Knight's mom's to Shoot the Dog™ , and managed to get me and mine home by midnight.

Whilst I was gone, the boys raided Bébé's house for a new dresser for Tigger, and Critter washed the dishes I'd left behind. I was up at 8 this morning to take Critter to school , and I'll be spending the rest of the day catching up the laundry.


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