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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Made myself a small piece of sanity
Essentially, a write-only journal, for saying all that shit that comes to mind that requires biting my lip. Set it up with default security private, won't bother to put it on my friends list, since hey - I don't need repeated the shit that I needed to shed.

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I've had one of those for over a year...part of how I can keep avoiding to go to therapy; I think. Sometimes, I can go back and think :geez - what was the big deal?" and others, I go back and do a "WOW my life really sucked!"
It's a nice (in)sanity check for me - I hope yours helps you.


For me, it's how I'm staying on good, albeit shallow, terms with some people.

I think this kind of thing can be great self-therapy. I created a journal, hosted on my own site, to write thoughts in that weren't for public consumption.

Generally, if they're about other people, I then act on them. Like I'll write "I can't deal with so and so because of such and such" and talk it out to myself, and then go to the person and work out the situation.

But that's me...:)

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