Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

On the naming of cats. Er, people that is...

I use nicknames for many people in my journal. Occasionally I'll throw in a single letter when I hadn't thought of a nickname. Tonight I decided on Grace for a nickname, and thought I'd comment on some of the nicknames I use.

So I occasionally mention L in my journal. The more often I mention someone, the stronger my desire to find a nickname to use for them in my journal. So I got to thinking about a nick for L. She runs a dog-walking service, so what came immediately to mind was Heinlein's short story, We Also Walk Dogs. Which led me to choose Grace for her nickname.

Turnip named himself. He joined a regional mailing list to which I subscribe, in order to read some of the stuff that I talk about in our phone conversations. The list has a new-member introduction questionaire. One of the questions asks the new member to tell something unusual about himself or herself. He wrote "I am a Turnip." Thus, he picked his own nick.

I started calling my first son Critter in the hospital when we were alone together. The name has stuck, and he even has it as an email id now. I wanted a nickname with a similar quality when we had our second child, and came up with Tigger. That was taken by the time we got him his own email address, so we went with adding the initial of our surname to it.

Flar picked his nick as an email address, when he wanted one not directly associated with his name.

Knight and Ro and Wolf and Sydb are shortened versions of their Live Journal ids. Many of the other nicknames I use are based on email addresses or live journal names.

I chose the Live Journal name Minikin for myself because my Master often calls me Little One, and that name was taken. I searched around for a synonym, and found this on a thesaurus trek. It essentially means "little one."›


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