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Day Four: Mother and Child

Okay, I admit it. Tigger inherits his stay-at-home nature from me. It was 4:30 before we left the house today.

This morning, we walked the dogs and had a leisurely breakfast. I measured Tigger for his new coat, and emailed the measurements to Flar in Brazil. After the Monday crossword, I got caught up in email and live journal and even caught up on most of my mailing lists. I think I have two left to catch up on.

I called the broker and put in a sell order to cover a margin call. Oh, doesn't that sound all lofty and upper class. But what it translates to is selling, dribble by dribble, Flar's shares in the company that he left at the end of 2000, to go out on his own. The margin loan is due to slumping sales the latter part of last year and the beginnings of this year -- covering our expenses while not enough cash is flowing in. The margin call is due to the ever drooping price of said shares. Having to sell the stock means selling it at a low point, bummer. On the upside, cash flow is expected to be stronger starting NOW, and we should be able to cover expenses and start catching up on debts soon.

Please, please tell me this will look good on our taxes this year.

Anyway, then called the spa repair guy, only to discover that he's essentially giving up on our problem. Seems we need someone who's an expert on our type of spa, and gave me a number to call. I told the woman at that number that the only day I couldn't be home for him to look at the spa was Tuesdays. So the guy called and left a message while we were out later, that he'd try to stop by tomorrow. Tuesday. Sigh. Gotta head that one off in the morning before I leave for bowling.

Ooh, ooh, I *did* fold a bunch of towels. Left from the penultimate load of laundry from last week. And started folding the last load, sheets. Got two loads of dog/floor towels run. The washer is leaking again during the rinse cycle. Got that fixed once, was told to dilute the fabric softener. The leaking started twice as fast this time -- too many times I skimped on the "dilute the fabric softener" step. Joy. Maybe I'll get one of those rinse balls and stop using the builtin dispenser altogether.

I got more of the kitchen cleaned. But having not concentrated on the task, it's really difficult to notice.

Set up payments on my new low interest credit card to prevent defaulting from ever happening. Didn't work on other bills yet.

Talked to Farmer about the back steps. He brought a bunch of concrete blocks (the solid kind, that look like huge bricks) over and sacks of concrete, but didn't do much past stacking things up. I didn't get a chance to find out what the plan is.

We finally left to run errands.

At the post office, we mailed the invitations to Tigger's sleepover, and bought stamps and mailed the reminder cards for the bowling organization meeting.

At the pet store, we bought new dog food.

At KMart, I discovered the shoes I want to replace are out of season. They have one size 10 and many sizes 5 through 6.

At Target, I remembered that my watch stopped working the other night (I tend to buy them cheap and replace the watch instead of the battery), and bought new watches for Tigger and for me. The one for Tigger was inspired by there being a clear and orange selection. I also found a set of ponytail holders that will make a most excellent lanyard, to replace the one I've been using for my room key.

By then, Ti gger was hungry, so we skipped the hair cuts and drove home. After walking the dogs over the whole "yard" part of the property, I made a particularly nice batch of Chicken and Dumplings. Lunches this week have been easy: lots of leftovers come from having only two to dinner.

On the way home from Target, TIgger suggested we invite Ro and Knight over tonight. They were dining with relatives, and said they'd drop by after. Then we got hold of Kittybane and Starmaiden, who were also already eating dinner, and they came over after.

It apparently takes a lot longer to eat dinner with relatives, than without, based on how much earlier Kittybane and Starmaiden got here. They played with the dogs and then watched how they go into the crate so nicely at bedtime (Flood takes leading in by her collar -- the Scotties go in on command, though). And then sat around and talked to us as I finished up making dinner and then Tigger and I ate. They had to leave earlyish - to take Starmaiden over to stay the night with Barbar. Bebe is apparently headed out of town again.

I coaxed Tigger into reading the first three pages of Howliday Inn to me tonight. Last night he had a headache. The night before, I started him back into the reading habit with something easy. He's reading a lot better than I remembered from the beginning of reading Bunnicula, but tomorrow I'm making an effort to get him to read at mid-day. After that, I read another chapter of The Borrowers.

Ro and Knight came over while I was finishing the last page of the chapter. While they were here, I started putting the family room to rights. It really is a mess -- but I cleared away some of the easy stuff. And it was nice to have company while cleaning. Knight said the funniest thing to me tonight. About not taking anything with me to CA (when we drive Cinder out there) that I can't take on a plane. Hello. Like I expect to pack for 4 d ays in something that I'd care to carry on a Southwest Airlines jet. Hmm. Gotta talk to Cinder about how much room I can take up with my suitcase.

In betweenst things, I managed to get a load of colors started. Once that's in the dryer, I get to turn in for the night, and dry the whites in the morning.

Tomorrow, org. meeting for Tuesday Tigers, bowling with Tigger, allergist, maybe haircuts. Dogs, reading, drop Tigger off to watch TV with Kittybane, and bowl the last night in the Non-Burley season. I think we're in third or fourth place, right now..

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