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lazy Monday

It started out early, and then kinda petered out...

I woke up early enough to ride with Flar to take Tigger to school. Then we found out that Dr. Bizer's doesn't open until 9am. So I sat in the car while Flar worked out walked in the lap lane. His foot is improving to the lurching stage, and he can reach food to his mouth with his left hand, now. And damnit, he's lost weight with the inactivity. Something about his pain medication taking away his appetite. Ptui.

I have a new prescription for glasses, a bit stronger, with the same reading prescription. I have ordered new contacts - a pair, for less than what my old doctor charged for one lens! At some point, Critter and I will go in and order new glasses on a two-fer coupon.

Knight drove me home from the doctor, who didn't dilate my eyes. I fixed us eggs benedict for breakfast, and then continued to troubleshoot my phone. The headset I bought the other day doesn't work with my Treo, and neither does the factory-provided one. I sat on hold less than the warned-about 10 minutes, then arranged to get a warranty replacement, which should arrive Friday or Monday. Meanwhile, the weather is too dreary/cold for dog-walking (my dog is wimp), and the speaker works just fine if I run out of DVDs at work.

By the time I got through all that, I had no motivation left for housework. I need more detergent to run more laundry, which leaves me with the kitchen table and dishes. bleh.

I'm putting together a grocery list, and shopping after I pick up Tigger, then take Critter to the doctor for his cough.

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