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A lovely Saturday

I went to sleep early enough last night (1am), that I was able to be awake "early" this morning. In fact, I actually woke up exactly 8 hours after turning off the light, but then I lazed in bed for another hour and a half before getting up.

Flar took Tigger to the Kopes bowling social, while I went for my manicure. Acrylic overlays were recommended to me to solve my problem finger nails. I now have shiny (buffed, not polished) natural-looking nails, that won't chip. I have to have the new-growth filled every two weeks, but I finally have grown-up-lady looking nails. Turns out that I could have bowled right away, but I'd forgotten to pack my bowling bag, so I just hung out and visited with everybody.

After bowling, I took Tigger to Game Stop, where he bought a used game that has to be returned -- it was horribly scratched -- and I bought three used DVDs. One of these also has some scratches -- I need to try to play it before returning the game, in case it also needs to be returned.

Then we went home, where I picked up Critter to take him back to Dr. Bizers. I need to add spectacles to Renata for another icon, as it looks like I'll be trekking there quite a bit before everything is said and done. Critter has gotten contacts, and is going through the "joys" of learning how to put them in and take them out. He's gotten the first one down pat, but so far, he's only been able to take out the right contact. I've taken out the left for him, twice now. I intended for him to get help with learning to take them out today, but he only got help putting them back in. Sigh.

Then I stepped next door to Circuit City and bought a (wired) stereo headset for my Treo. It's designed for phone use, but my main purpose is for listening to MP3s, which is not supported over bluetooth. I had gotten an adapter from 2.5 to 3.5mm, but it stopped working the other night. On the bright side, this means if I get a phone call while I'm listening to an MP3, I can answer immediately with the wired headset.

After that, we drove over to Target, where I spent the gift card that canuckgirl gave me for Christmas. (And $20 out of my spending money, AND $20 out of the checking account.) I found one of those 4pc luggage sets with rolling box type baggage, in lavender, so I had to get it. :) Then I bought what I came for, more storage bins for my craft supplies, to make the space more organized. I'm hoping to put some time in with that tomorrow.

While I was driving around with Critter, Trigger was making plans with his friend T, whom I ended up picking up in the Home Depot parking lot, and then heading home. I had enough time at home for a small snack, and to fix mac n cheese for the boys, then knightaudit and roina_arwen picked me up for a movie (Rumor Has It) and dinner at O'Charly's. During dinner, I talked Critter through getting one of his lenses out, but he had to wait for me to get home to get the other out.

Tomorrow I'm going to church, picking up a Jasper Fforde Book on CD, and then working around the house. Laundry, dishes, mail, and then TiVo either lazing and beading or working on organized craft space.

Monday, I've an appointment in the morning to get my eyes examined and order new contacts. Knight says he can pick me up if I can get Flar to drop me off, even though Critter thinks they won't dilate my eyes.

But now, to sleep, perchance to dream...

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