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My brain hurts!

I are a clerical professional...

A fandangly description of what I just finished:

condensing numbers from account billings into a single spreadsheet for review

Somehow that sounds all professional-like. Heh, if I were feeling truly geeky, I would have written a perl-script to mine the statements directly... and if I'd downloaded the statements for them to be handy. That would have been more fun than leafing through the pages, though. AND the bits pulled out for Flar to review wouldn't have been missing. ;)

I just got through pulling data out of the Cingular Bills and into a spreadsheet for Flar to review. The goal is to see how much is reasonable to charge JIG for phone usage this month. We've been taking advantage of a nice big rollover bank, that started kind of dropping off more rapidly once Flar got to share the wealth. When it was just Alaska and Critter and me, we piled up more than we used, because we all call Cingular phones, or talk late at night. I mean really, of the 8000 minutes she used a couple of months ago, only 311 were peak minutes. If you figure we each get 850/4=212.5 minutes out of the current pool, she was only pulling 98.5 minutes from the stored pool.

Our rollover minutes were dropping slowly, and then all of a sudden WHOOOMP! 3339 to 2931 to 2408 to 1358 to 290 then boom. Gnashing of teeth and all of that. I didn't have the patience to pull numbers all the way to before Flar got to share the rollover wealth (GAIT phones didn't use to get to share), but he's my chief suspect. ;)

I'll let Flar figure it out, but needless to say, I'm quite interested in him expediting the switch of his phone from our account to the business one, so I'm back to sharing minutes with other night owls. It'll be awhile before we can build up a buffer again, but at least we'll each get 850/3=283.333 out of each month's supply...

Time to think about dinner and DVDs and shopping and work...

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