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New Checks

I have new checks. Pretty. The description doesn't accurately represent the messages, however. They are Psalm 37:28, Philippians 4:13, Mark 9:23, & Luke 18:27.

Last Wednesday, Flar closed a commercial real estate bill that has been at least 3 months of end-game. He brought home 5-digit checks, and now we get to not only catch up on paying bills (when I see green envelopes in the mail, it feeds my procrastination monster, which meant it took hours to catch up), but we also get to allocate funds toward long-term debt. Yay!

I've finished my bible study for this week, so I can devote the evening to laundry/bills and dishes. There is dirty laundry scattered, to collect; weekend baggage to unpack; a mound of clean laundry already on the jacuzzi; loads in both machines (towels re-washed today); dishes from about a week to wash; and many checks to print and stuff for mailing tomorrow.

Flar has to be downtown tomorrow, so it's pointless to offer to drive Tigger. Which means that I can get up early enough to mail bills at the post office -- if they are out of penny and deuce stamps, they can meter my envelopes for me.

I've got plenty on the TiVo to occupy me while I work, and I should be able to get enough sleep if I bed down by midnight.

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