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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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New Checks
Bills Bills Bills
I have new checks. Pretty. The description doesn't accurately represent the messages, however. They are Psalm 37:28, Philippians 4:13, Mark 9:23, & Luke 18:27.

Last Wednesday, Flar closed a commercial real estate bill that has been at least 3 months of end-game. He brought home 5-digit checks, and now we get to not only catch up on paying bills (when I see green envelopes in the mail, it feeds my procrastination monster, which meant it took hours to catch up), but we also get to allocate funds toward long-term debt. Yay!

I've finished my bible study for this week, so I can devote the evening to laundry/bills and dishes. There is dirty laundry scattered, to collect; weekend baggage to unpack; a mound of clean laundry already on the jacuzzi; loads in both machines (towels re-washed today); dishes from about a week to wash; and many checks to print and stuff for mailing tomorrow.

Flar has to be downtown tomorrow, so it's pointless to offer to drive Tigger. Which means that I can get up early enough to mail bills at the post office -- if they are out of penny and deuce stamps, they can meter my envelopes for me.

I've got plenty on the TiVo to occupy me while I work, and I should be able to get enough sleep if I bed down by midnight.

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But please tell me that that's not the same deal he was working on when I lived there!

Nope. He put that deal together, and it's almost sold out, actually. He's gotten investment money out of it properly, but there's a substantial amount of unpaid consulting fees owed him by the builder. I think he's waiting to sue until after the last investment check is paid on that one.

We have overdraft protection on our bank account. Any time it is used to cover insufficient funds, we get a letter in a green envelope.

ooohhhhh, it all makes perfect sense now. :-) the bank i was with would send out computer generated notices that have the perforated edges to open them.... that's when I knew something bounced.... Thankfully, knock on wood, I have changed banks and have been very good about not needing protection, so far....

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