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A New Year Begins

Why is it always easier to be helpful than productive? I can *help* Wolf and Sydb put away their Christmas, leaving the house with the tree back in the box and the lights neatly bundled (with really nifty "hook" rubber bands). Heck, I even *enjoy* washing dishes when I'm home with them.

Then I get back to this home, and I sit down to the computer and read email and live journal and veg. Okay, so there's some sort of vague goal to find something more deserving to make out of tenderloin than beef stroganoff, and there is my aversion to taking down the Christmas ornaments -- and hey, there's still a chance I may be receiving more Christmas cards: I can't take them down yet. ;) Not to mention being a tad sore around the edges -- must be from climbing the basements repeatedly, sure that's the ticket.

So I came *this* close to actually joining an interest group -- the new one for New Years resolutions -- newyears. I checked out the group, and then decided I really don't have resolutions per se - except for the one to say "grump grump grump" whenever I have something to say to Flar that he would call "yelling." It's a term he applies to anything negative that I say, and since most of the time it goes straight over his back, and does nothing to modify unwanted behaviour, I figure I'm better off modifying my own behaviour. So no more yelling. But I've always thought that negative New Year's resolutions are well, unsatisfying. I mean, what do I do, count the number of times I say "grump, grump grump?"

Other than that, I have some vague plans to exercise more, eat less, and catch up on filing. Not really concrete enough things to track, except maybe the calories, but I've been doing that since September, so that hardly counts as a New activity.

So I dropped the idea of joining the New Years community, but I did take this test that was mentioned by its founder, parkero.

Which David Bowie are you?


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