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Red spots don't smell. The dogs see the laser spots, they track them, but they don't chase them. Mind you, the scotties will chase snow, but not red dots.

Vacuuming floors is easier than sorting dirty laundry -- according to Tigger. So I got him to vacuum the bathroom and back hall for me, and then I corralled Critter into helping me sort dirty laundry. (I stand in the laundry room, he throws me pieces from the enormous pile. I stash them in sorting baskets. Repeat until enormous pile is gone.)

Out today, I've done two school runs, a bank deposit, gotten a new library card, picked up a Book-on-CD for walking (Ferrets at Sea, by Richard Bach), picked up one (of two :( ) prescriptions for Flar, picked up paper and ink, and dropped off/picked up clothes at the cleaners.

At home, I've moved all the laundry into sorting baskets in the laundry room, changed the bedding in our room, vacuumed the bedroom and closet and gotten Tigger to vacuum the bath and hall.

For my final housewifey goodness, I shall make hamburger stroganoff with elbow mac instead of noodles, then set off to work.

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