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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Day Three
Today was a rather lazy day. Took care of the dogs, had sweet rolls for breakfast, read the Sunday paper -- pulled out the coupons, but didn't clip any, just yet.

Finally got around to carrying in the not-cold groceries.

Worked on clearing off most of the jacuzzi top, and cycled the dishwasher. Finished up the bowling reminder cards.

While Tigger and I are on our own, I'm reading The Borrowers to him. And he's reading Howliday Inn to me. The Borrowers is a fast read -- we've already read 13 out 20 chapters of the first book. But we have the whole series, so we won't run out of reading material. We finished tLotR before Critter left; when he gets back, I'll be reading "the one with the closet" aka The Narnian Chronicles.

I didn't quite get a headache today, but Tigger did. Probably need to encourage more physcial activity, and less sitting around watching TV, which is how we spent the rest of the day. When I got tired of cartoons, we watched Cool Running and Time Cop. I'd forgotten the level of the bedroom scene in that. Tigger is so cute. He gets all interested in a book and explicitly hums a little tune. A bit like Pooh with his stoutness exercises tune... It's like, if he happens to be in the bedroom, and realizes I'm going to change clothes, he'll burrow under the covers so as not to see anything. :)

Talked to Flar today. Got some questions answered about mail. Got a list of measurements to make of Tigger, for the coat that he wants.

Tomorrow: measurements, bills, post office, haircuts, pool (it was thundery today), and gotta remember to call the broker and the spa place.

And finish cleaning the kitchen. It's a wreck.

And do laundry. Gotta retrieve my Scooby Shirt...

Better get some sleep.


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As a complete aside... do you have fall evening league information handy? I might have need of it *grin*

I'd be happy to get league flyers for you at the bowling alley tomorrow; I could drop them by the office on my way home in the afternoon...ˇ

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