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Mother and Child: Day Two, partial

Okay, so day two isn't actually over yet.

Woke up with far too little sleep.

Let Tigger sleep on, while I walked and fed and walked the dogs myself. Read email and livejournal, ate a breakfast of Lucky Charms and DDP, then worked on Sleepover invitations and address labels. Had to guess gender on some of Tigger's new classmates -- he tells me I guessed wrong on Ashton, took her off the list, as he only wants to invite the boys from his new class (and his friends from his old class -- we'll have a mix of incoming 2nd and 3rd graders, since Tigger is repeating 2nd). I hope the sleepover helps Tigger to feel a little more comfortable about having to "start over" making friends this year. It's his biggest concern over repeating -- second being wheth er he'll be challenged in math.

Stickered up the sleepover invitations, then started in on the bowling stuff. Realized I need to get ready for the org meeting now, since I'll be driving to CA a week from tomorrow. Got the rules updated, ready for chang es at the org meeting, updated the preliminary schedule, then realized my headache had not only not diminished, but grown into a full-grown "grand mal" migraine.

Didn't actually throw up, but I'd have probably felt better. Dosed myself up with the ful l load of Reglan, Maxalt, Excedrin and laid down for a nap. I could actually feel pieces of the headache letting go, during my restless "sleep."

Finally woke up around 5, which turned into 5:30 or 6 by the time I was able to roll out of bed.

Dinner and a shower later, I was ambitious enough to walk the dogs up Marshall Branch after their dinner, with Tigger's help.

We didn't go swimming today. We didn't get haircuts today. I haven't touched housework. And I'm still feeling loggy. Which presages an early bedtime following a lazy evening.

I did get back to the bowling stuff, though, and formatted addresses for sending reminder postcards, and updated that graphic file. All that's left is to check with L. about who we elected Sergeant at Arms at the banquet/business meeting, or find my minutes, and to organize my messenger bag, and get supplies from the bowling alley, and drop off the flyers I printed.

So I got at least a little accomplished, but not an impressive amount of mother/child time. Perhaps lazy time can included reading. That's the ticket.

Tomorrow, maybe haircuts; definitely swimming. With some easy going coupon clipping and sorting thrown in. And cleaning, if I get my energy back.

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