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Happy New Year!

Dinner at Metropol was quite yummy. I had 1.5 Kir Royales; a yummy Chevre dip with sun-dried tomatoes that was more of a spread than a dip; the house salad, which had yummy bits in it & a raspberry vinaigrette; a crab & lobster chowder; bacon wrapped filet poivre with green & white asparagus & yummy potatoes whose name I've forgotten; and a pineapple/strawberry "Napoleon". Full points for plating -- especially the napoleons. No pictures, as Knight left his brand-new digital camera that even has a food setting on it at home. On purpose. On other place settings were seared scallops with a red onion marmalade; arugala & pear salad with stilton dressing; four onion soup; seafood lasagne; veal chop; and chocolate bisque. Yep; chocolate soup with a dollop of sourcream in the middle. The other entrée on the menu was some other scallop thingie.

We were in Knight & Ro's family room in time to toast the new year with sparkling cider. Then Knight drove me home. We wished the dogs and Tigger and Bob the GP a happy New Year, then Knight released me from my top -- the sleeves are so tight, they lock above my arm fat.

Tomorrow, Tigger and I pick up Flar and Critter, who were passing through time zones around midnight.

Happy New Year everyone!
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