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New friend; current state of the 'kin

He added me before I added him. (how do you spell the tongue-sticking-out noise, again?)

Anyway, welcome brindy to my friends list, and thanks for a fun day in Indy today.

Ro and I left town almost exactly when she predicted - a half an hour later than I'd wanted, due to my getting out of bed at 7:11am. We made great time on the road today - at least compared to Tomtom's predictions.

Okay, I'd fallen in love with the spot for my Tomtom, but the mount doesn't suck enough due to the miracles of Joe's interior car finish job on my dash. Ro's sticky mesh didn't stick, so I'm going to try one of those non-slippy pads marketed for holding cell phones.

Fave quote from a quick scan of Brindy's journal (just one page, I'm not supposed to be playing, I'm supposed to be working on yead-end deadline finances and then sleeping):

they have a weird ritual of taking it in turns to open their presents here which is a little frustrating as i'm used to just having an opening frenzy.

Okay, that was my exact reaction to my in-laws' version of Christmas, when I met Flar.

Back to the roadtrip. We picked up Alaska, then ate breakfast at Bob Evans. Sausage gravy better than Collin's, but still no comparison to my fave indian. Dropped off Alaska and visited with her nephew and sister before starting on the road to Indy. 36 minutes late getting on the road, but we shaved off 26 minutes courtesy what I think is a newish speed limit in IN. When did it change to 70?

Brindy is as cute in person as in his LJ icon. He was looking for Ro's car, so I opened the sun roof and waved through it to get his attention. That's when the rain started. ;)

We bowled two games - Ro and I sucking mightily and blaming it on the lanes, not our lack of playing since May. ;) Then we had lunch - Jillian's prepares their gauc fresh on-site, yum! The billiards tables were busy, so we occupied ourselves in the arcade. First SkeeBall, then Air Hockey (Ro is the reigning champ, with Brindy the runner up, and me a cheerful trailing third), then we generated scads of tickets playing Colorama. Brindy is a whiz at using the Skill Stop - I lost track of how many times he paid out on White.

After Jillian's, we dumped off stuff at my car, then walked a tiny bit, and found a Borders. Coffee, Chai, more Christopher Moore... It was a nice round up to the afternoon.

Brindy navigated us out of downtown (Tomtom isn't swift at acquiring satellites on the go in all those tall buildings) and on to Lebanon where he was being picked up, and then Tomtom found us gas and the interstate again for the trip home.

Lots of driving, but lots of fun. There was hard rain for part of the drive, but other than the reduced visibility, it was breeze. Minikn is the bestest bad weather car I've driven. :)

Oh yeah, I can't remember mentioning that I picked up and installed all our custom plates last week. My beetle is now named Minikn; Flar's new Audi is called JMH-JR; and Critter's van is Cheesy. (Cheez-e is on reserve, humph.)

Once we got to Ro's house, I stayed long enough to shake off some of the driving, and devour their leftover Mushu. Yum.

Now I'm supposed to be finding bills that need mailing by 3pm tomorrow, and banking that needs doing by noon tomorrow. Since I have an appt for an oil change and new headlight and misc. at the dealer, I'll be swinging by the bank on the way, then the post office after. I'm bringing Ro's bead curtain instructions to finish while I wait (and my book and knitting and optimistically, the next book), and then picking up (at least) water and trash bags at Sam's before going home.

State of the house - still messy, but better. I've run one load of dishes, moved all the rest to the "dirty" side of the sink, and "organized" the kitchen table. I'm ransacking my desk tonight, then expending any available awake time tomorrow and Sunday before the airport run on dishes. And putting dirty laundry into sorting baskets. And changing the sheets on the bed. And sleeping? Maybe Monday. ;)

Oh, and primping. I've already figured out what I want to wear, but I need to wash my hair and style it, etc. Tomorrow night, Ro and Knight and I are going to Metropol downtown, for their NYE late seating. I'm hoping they'll pick me up at home so I can be the designated drinker. ;)

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