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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I found a better place to mount my Tomtom. At first, the only place that I could get the suction mount to stick was the window. Actually convenient placement for the Tomtom, but annoying when I want to roll my window down. And, the metal trim on the door is too curvy for the suction mount.

I've got it mounted in the near right corner of the flat bit of dash behind my steering wheel. It's still hanging from the mount (upside down), so it isn't tall enough to enter the windshield field-of-view.

Deposited a big check, so I've got big checks to write. I'm almost finished gathering all the mess into the kitchen, as well as gathering the downstairs trash. Tigger and I are splitting Critter's chores, except for dishes, which I'm doing. Saturday shall be a grand cleaning including at least some floors.

Coming soon to this journal, a photo exhibit dedicated to all of those for whom I've helped clean. Yes, it was out of camaraderie, not a place of superiority.

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At the moment my TomTom is actually sitting next to the "A" column... between the windshield and the driver's door. It seems to rest happily there, and doesn't move around, though I think I should get a strip of that material they sell that lets you set a cell phone on your dashboard without it sliding around, but isn't actually adhesive.

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