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Slow but steady progress
Okay, I've successfully downloaded the most recent update for my TomTomGo 300. I get different messages when trying to pair it with my phone, but it's still unsuccessful. I've tried from both directions - from the Tomtom, which claims my phone doesn't have the right features, and from my phone (by adding a trusted device), but it fails, possibly because the passkey is not valid.

On the other hand, my Tomtom now starts up with a customized splash screen, the graphic I've used to make this icon. :)

In other news, the Terminix man declares my house not nearly messy enough for note. I'll be taking pictures of the kitchen at its worst before I start cleaning it up tomorrow and Saturday.

Tonight at work, I'll be scanning. When I get home, I'm going to finish the process of moving mess into the kitchen. By the time I go to bed tonight, the kitchen will hold all mess, including mail, and the laundry will be tucked neatly into sorting bins. I plan to do a mess of laundry on Sunday after retrieving Flar and Critter from the airport.

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Hey, how do you change the splash screen?

I've tried pairing to my phone a few times with the same errors. Keep meaning to call them, but I haven't yet. Since I don't really intend to buy the weather and traffic services, it's not urgent, and I already have a Bluetooth headset for hands-free calling purposes.

There's a file called slash.bmp on the SD card (I guess, I mean technically, I did this with the Tomtom attached via USB - I didn't just load the SD card into my reader). I made a .bmp with the same resolution, but turned 180 degrees, since I'm using my unit with the maps turned upside down. Then I just replaced the splash.bmp with my own splash.bmp.

I want to be able to test the weather and traffic features to see if they're worth buying. I've always thought weather updates would be great on car trips.

I think that sort of info would be much more worthwhile to me if I tended to do more of my driving around major metro areas where the traffic data is available and constant! I might find it worthwhile to grab a month here or there when I'm traveling actively.

While the integration with the TomTom would be ideal, for most purposes the major-metro traffic info I can get from XM is fine.

Thanks for the splash screen tip! I'll have to try that. :-)

I'm more interested in having the weather than the traffic, probably, and that's free if I can get the darn thing to work. :)

Oh, and you're welcome about the splash screen. It was intuitively obviously to one who used to replace her Mac SE startup screen. ;)

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