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Day One: Mother and Child

Tigger and I are on our own for 10 days. Then I run away with Knight, helping to drive Cinder to her new home in CA. Kittybane's taking care of Tigger for me, then.

Tigger and I don't get this amount of time alone together, so it will be interesting. Thursday evening, we dropped Flar and Critter off at the airport, and then, with Knight, drove over to Wolf & Sydb's and went out to dinner at Wolf's favorite seafood restaurant.

Someday I hope to bring them to Gaido's. I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to get Knight there before I can get Wolf there.

We got in late enough Thursday night, and finished up with feeding the dogs late enough, that they didn't insistently wake me Saturday morning until after 9:30. Tigger and I walked and fed and walked the dogs, and I sat down and read/wrote email while Tigger played with the dogs, then just as we were settling into thinking about food, I noticed that F and his foreman(? don't know his title/name: the red-headed guy) were working on the slab for the steps out the back door.

We went out and talked with them awhile, and then went in and ate. Leftover Outback. Lunch, not breakfast. And then talked about our errands for the day and other plans. We had decided that we would go to the bank before 2pm, then to the post office and the bowling alley, then visit Barbar, then do the grocery shopping. Which meant that we needed to get the deposits together, stamp the mail, and make a grocery list.

What with various interruptions to deal with the dogs, and search the house for things that seemed related to making a grocery list, and planning a menu for the week, it was nigh on 1:40 by the time we were ready to leave the house. Then I got to talking with F about the slab, and got worried about the dimensions of the pre-fab steps we were going to buy, and so added a trip to the Dish Barn to our list. And then drove back home to talk to F about it. The slab was too high off the ground to accommodate the steps and too solid to undo without chipping out the whole thing, and anyway, figuring out how to put it up against the house, since the stone part of the foundation sticks out irregularly..... F said he could build us steps out of concrete block, a pre-fab slab for the top, and quickrete. The quikrete will be used especially for fitting the back of it to the wall. And it'll probably be cheaper and probably be better in the long run.

So we finally left the house around 3 to start our errands. Deposited checks, got cash, mailed stuff, bought new postage, and realized Flar took the bowling balls out of my car to fit all the luggage in. Like I had suggested -- I should have remembered to put them back in. So we drove back to the house to get the bowling balls and then bowled. From 4:30 to 5:30. Tigger bowled 77, 83 & 54. I bowled 127, 154 & 137. We picked up more water at Sam's, then drove by to visit Barbar. Tigger alternated between talking to Barbar and playing outside. He watered her flowers and tomatoes (nary a fruit), and played on the swingset. He told her about bowling, and we talked about Flar and Critter being in Brazil.

We left there at 7:30, so decided to put off tonight's dinner and eat at McDonald's before doing the grocery shopping. We finished the grocery shopping by 9:15. Sometimes it takes longer with a helper.

On the way home, Tigger wondered what Knight and Ro were doing, so we called. Knight was in Louisville tonight on a date with Belle, and Ro was hanging out at home with Kittybane and StarMaiden. So we invited ourselves over, with the caution that we'd have to take care of the dogs first.

We put away the milk and fruit and veggies, peed, then walked the dogs and fed the dogs and walked them again. Then skeedaddled over to Ro's. Tigger was greeted on the front landing by Bosco (on his way up the stairs from the litter box, no doubt), and Bosco let Tigger pet him. Which surprised StarMaiden and Ro, as Bosco's still acting kind of skittish. Then Tigger leaped on Kittybane and told her about us getting her Code Red for next weekend when she comes to take care of him, and they started into Tim-lish mode, and we went to the office to pick out a game. On the way, Ro showed me the DVDs they got at Best Buy (with the % off coupon that got mailed out this week). We decided to play Spend-It! A game where millionaires fly around the world getting to 20 different cities before returning to Hawaii, making investments along the way.

We had lots of fun playing, but the game took longer than we'd probably expected. There were lots of silly things on the cards, and lots of fuzzy rules that we picked arbitrary answers for, and laughed and giggled a lot. StarMaiden ended up beating Ro by one city to get back to Hawaii and win by only a difference of 6 million dollars in net worth. It was fun.

We got home at 2am. I brought in the new contacts solution, cereal and oatmeal that we'd pick up at the grocery today -- we'll finish unloading the car tomorrow. Tigger conked out immediately, and I wrote a bunch of email, and now I'm for bed.

Tomorrow's plans include sleepover invitations, haircuts, swimming, and cleaning the jacuzzi room. I'm trying out a new pair of earplugs that are supposed to be for swimming, to see if they keep out more water than the silicon plugs or the fitted ones that the doctor sold me. If they work better, I'll try actually swimming when I take Tigger to the new aquatic center in Nicholasville. Mom reported a distinct lack of shade at the aquatic center. So I'm hoping to stay in the water while we're there.

I wasn't so lucky this morning; I should have walked the dogs before I went to bed. They woke me at 9, and I managed to get the walking, feeding and walking done without waking Tigger, since I figured an 8-year old needs his sleep. Been reading email and livejournal since then; now it's time to find the Saturday paper, and eat some Lucky Charms. Ooh, the decadence of it all.

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