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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Maintaining readiness...
Flar and Critter are leaving for Brazil today. At this point, I am in "ready to leave the house" mode and filling my time in such a way as to be able to stand up and walk out the door when Flar is completely ready. We're running one errand, then picking up Tigger at school, before heading over to the airport. Critter has packed the trunk of the car with everything except their carry-on luggage. He's now attempting to watch 3 episodes of TNG before leaving the country. -- On his portable DVD player, so he can watch while we're driving around.

I worked more than 8 hours last night, whee! I'm in three days a week mode, and basically work as much as they'll throw at me.

I decided to get back on South Beach, because my leather pants are too tight, and they're my favorite cold weather wear. Meanwhile, I bought a nifty pair of stretch cords on super reduction at Newport News. They need tailoring, but I'm kind of hoping to drop a size before bothering the mess with them. As usual with stretch wear, they fit better on the first one or two wearings.

When I get home with Tigger this afternoon, I'm home for the night. I've got laundry, mail, house cleaning, and most importantly, Ro's birthday present to work on, and this is my longest available free time.

Tomorrow is Tigger's last day of school: a half-day. I was thinking of shopping at Sam's in between dropping him off and picking him up, and then I remembered that they don't open that early to non-business members. Harrumph. I got a $10 gift card for Wal-Mart as my gift from work -- I guess I'll shop there in between school drop-off and Sam's.

Thursday, we have No Plans At All, although I have to work that night. On Friday, I have church group in the morning, to which I'm planning to bring a Christmas-related craft project. After that, Ro and Knight and Tigger and I are heading to Louisville for Harry Potter at the Imax (no tickets yet - showtimes for Friday still aren't up on the website), Dinner and a visit with Sydb and Camel and Roo and Snoopy (as yet not fully planned - need to firm those up after we know movie time).

I need to talk to Ro about Christmas dinner on Sunday -- she's discussed it already with her mil, but I want to find out if there is something I can contribute.

Haven't organized a POSH visit yet, so that's a series of phone calls for today.

Okay, tired of writing. Shall now switch to waiting and knitting. ;)

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I just had a manicure, but I do need my hair recolored and a pedicure (oooh or a massage!!) so a Posh trip would be lovely.

Just let me know how something works (before the 3rd preferably)

I haven't made calls to POSH yet, but Ro is off Monday for the holiday, so I was thinking it would be a good day to go in the early afternoon. How does that sound to you?

Monday looks good to me, and Blues has agreed to finance my trip (to a certain cap) so schedule away!

I need to talk to Ro about Christmas dinner on Sunday

I think we're planning on eating around 4-ish, but that's flexible. I'm cooking the turducken, and making mashed potatoes, dumplings, and have fixings to make a pumpkin pie (yes, I have cool whip). I also bought two cans of the smooth cranberry sauce (it's my favorite).

My MIL is making her cornbread stuffing and bringing a quart of her home-canned green beans.

You can do any/all of the following:
a) make some cranberry fluff
b) bring a second dessert option
c) make mashed sweet potatoes - whichever variety that Tigger likes best. (However, I don't like the nuts if they are mixed in, but if they are just used as topping then that's fine).
d) Other?

Just let me know what you want to do! Thanks!

Since Critter is the really big cranberry fluff fan, I think I'll pass on that, and concentrate on some kind of s.f. dessert option. Timothy like Very Plain Sweet Potatoes - I'll let him help me make them, to make sure they're the way he likes them. :)

Fell off the no-sugar wagon today, eating snickerdoodles and pull-apart loaf left over from Christmas last Sunday. So I'm going to try to provide a no-sugar dessert on this Sunday to make up for it. :)

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