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Christmas, part the second, afters.

We just got back from Christmas at Bébé's. As Flar and Critter are leaving town on Tuesday, we stopped by JoBeth on the way home to pick up books.

I spent some of my fil Christmas money on Sue Grafton's S is for Silence. Then I convinced Flar to buy Christopher Moore's Fluke and Peter David's One Knight Only for them to read on vacation and return to me.

I'll be using the rest of the money at Posh. Ro, Spydie? Maybe we can get together for a spa afternoon?

Brody and Truly really showered me with gifts this year. Beaded hairsticks, yarn and pattern books, and a 512 Mb SD Card. Whee! (heh, since Flar was nice enough to get me one while he was Christmas shopping, I was thinking of giving him back that one, or at least giving him one of my 256M cards. But no, he'd forgotten his Treo even uses them. And hey, even his first generation iPod measures space in Gigs rather than Megs. So it's Mine, Mine, All Mine!)

There was way too much food, as usual. Scarlett is fast becoming everyone's favorite. Tonight, Brody got her to stop from bringing something to Bébé, saying "I don't want you to get too spoiled, now" and sit down in a recliner and relax. :) :) Oh, and it was the way she said it. :)

Christmas break looks to be fun: a road trip to see HP, eat yummy food, and visit friends; a project at home (the craft room); good books to read; and plenty of opportunities to sleep late.

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