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Christmas: part the second

This time I've made the bubble-loaf. As is traditional, the bottom is getting a bit dark, and this time for extra measure, I'm cooking it in an angel food cake pan, so it's dripping maraschino juice on the (new) oven liner.

Once it's done, I'm done preparing food for the Christmas feast at Bébé's house tomorrow. I spent the earlier part of the evening deviling almost two dozen eggs (eggs rejected for peeling flaws became egg salad), and making sausage balls. My sausage balls generally look like miniature Hortas.

Flar made vichyssoise today, and bought more cream for it than was needed. So I've added cream, Splenda, chargers and the whipped cream dispenser to the feast list.

The entire list, as determined by Flar and Brody, referring to previous years' emails:
Dish Responsible
Honey Ham Scarlett
Pie Scarlett
Cookies Scarlett
Plates Scarlett
Napkins Scarlett
Bread Truly
Sliced Cheese Truly
Condiments Truly
Salad Truly
Veggie Tray Truly
Pigs in Blanket Truly
swiss almond cheese
deviled eggs me
pull apart loaf me
sausage balls me
cold duck Flar
vichysoisse Flar
swiss almond cheese Flar
beer cheese Flar
crackers Flar
tostitos Flar
ranch dip Flar
ruffles Flar
onion dip Flar

Flar did all the shopping for our party while I was at the chess tournament with Tigger today. Tomorrow, Critter and I are going to the early service at church (9:30am), then picking up Christmas Eve presents for Brazil at Meijer, on our way home. We're loading up the car with presents and feast bits in time to head over to Bébé's house by 1:30pm. Ish. This is being billed as the last Christmas at that location, as he is preparing to sell that house. They have been living in Scarlett's house, and he's really only been using his house as a combination office and walk-in closet. ;)

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