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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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And the verdict is ...
Flar will be taking the boys on a skiing trip in early February. I'm going to put the cash back in my savings account, since it will be a while before it's needed. There should be enough to cover the expenses for a ski trip, plus a nice bottle of wine and sugar free chocolates for me. :)

And now for a bubble bath, blowdry and sleep, for tomorrow there be chess.

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Beat me to it!

Not that I know if I can go anywhere in February...but...still...

Oh, I will. I'm a diabetic. Sugar free is better for me...and...so...is...wine?

Still, I bet I can drive faster...;)


I love it. I love it all!

Indeed, anyway...Hey there back at you. I am Agatha.

Nice to meet you :-) Think we can make Minikin nervous talking about her in her journal?

It's worth a shot. What is good to gossip about her?

We could talk about her bright hair, or her beautiful eyes. We can talk about her beautiful breasts or her grabable hips.

*Giggle* I skimmed this too fast... my first read-through I read it as "we could talk about her breast hair..." and I was like, wait a minute, WHAT?

How about that wonderful, sunny smile that emanates from those kissable lips?

And the sweet caress from her gentle hands that have so many memories.

And the lovely, happy sounds she makes...

And how she takes the tiniest amount of happiness in one person and makes it into a mountain of joy.

She's gonna blush very prettily when she reads all this...

That sort of blush that makes her beautiful face all the lovelier...

Nah, probably not. But feel free to try!

(And I'll beat the both of you to the bubble bath & sugar-free chocolates cause I'm only 5 minutes away! BWA-HA-HA!

yeah, but...but...but...I got nothin'.

Aw, you got lots, dear! You're just being modest. :)

Thanks. It was my Gypsy halloween outfit. :)

And that was so not supposed to be an anonymous post. Accidently got bumped off and it logged out for me. Now, I am Agatha.

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