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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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How I spent my summer vacation ..
Or, why I'm behind on housework, bills paying, writing in my journal, and sleep...

The web site forErosul is live, and very much content-filled. There's still fiddly bits to adjust, and much more content waiting to be added. And I haven't tested it on Netscape, yet. Been having enough fun getting Mac Explorer and PC Explorer to compromise on coding...

Comments welcomed.ˇ

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At least you have an excuse for being behind! My house is a mess, bills not paid, and I have no impressive project to show for it! I did order my PDA though, (with warranty (g) ), and I hope it gets here soon!

The site looks great! I was trying to talk Flar into starting a pleather division for us "peta-vegetarian" types. He politely explained that the point of Erosul was to use available resources. The woman listening across from us was rolling her eyes at me. (lol)

I wish you all much success with Erosul. As a pagan I appreciate your use of her name, and I think she would approve of your project! It's great you are including Goddess size pieces. There is such a market, and mainstream corporates are missing a major piece of the puzzle.

BTW, the purple leather suede link in the 4th paragraph didn't lead anywhere, but everything else I clicked looked great!

I tried to talk Flar into doing custom velvet stuff, and I didn't get that explanation...I just got a weird look. ;P

Maybe if enough of us band together and promise to spend lots of money, they'll reconsider!

Oh, thanks for catching the dead link. It should be fixed, now.

Sydb's been trying to convince Flar to include velvet products in the Erosul product line, as well. She's very impressed with Knight's cape, and would love one in velvet, I'm sure. :)

Thanks for the good wishes, and for checking out the site for me. I really appreciate it. :)

This is just a personal preference thing...I would prefer more pictures and less text on the main page. Also, on some of the pages I have to scroll side to side to see everything. Otherwise, looks great, I love the page with the thumbnails of people modeling what they bought. :)

I'm great at putting other people's designs into reality, but not so great at designing. And Flar thinks in words. Lots of 'em. If you have any suggestions for how to rework the home page, I'd love to look at them, and see what Flar thinks of them.

Also, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to know which pages are making you scroll sideways, as that's on my list of fiddly bits to fix.

Thanks for looking at the site.

I think it's amusing that my first comments to this post in my journal have been from my vegetarian friends. ;)B

Just out of curiosity, how did the pictures we downloaded to you last night look? Were they clear enough? Just curious... The site looks great so far!

All the pictures came out great! I'll be adding them to the site, probably starting on Wednesday. I get to start putting the house to rights -- I kept thinking, I'll get the site finished, then get to this. About a lot of this'es.

Flar got me to do 11 pages of g-strings last night, as we've gotten this promotional deal with the Wild Women people. They had some sort of party this last weekend, and the first I think 80 people to sign up got g-strings, with a card indicating the site name. That is, if I understood what Flar was telling me. Anyway, he wanted the site ready to use today, and figured the initial target audience would be interested in the g-strings.

I've got your pictures to add as customer shots, as well as more material for the specific product pages, and then Flar's getting more pictures as he goes along.

Did you see Sydb's comment about more graphics on the home page, less text? Maybe you could think about something along those lines (as well as I asked Sydb if she had any design ideas)...


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