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Decisions, decisions...

I got my first Christmas Bonus, ever. Yay! After taxes, tithe, and a bit directed toward debt reduction, I decided to let the family help me decide what to do with $200.

Rejected ideas include:
  • $100 worth of soy sauce & $100 worth of strawberry breeze (too silly)
  • replace carpet in family room/refinish floor in kitchen (either - too expensive)
  • $200 bob sled (not even overall family enjoyment)

After a single round of prioritized balloting, we reduced the decision to three ideas. Tomorrow, each idea has an apologist who will be making a one minute presentation and taking questions (funneled through me) for five minutes. I will be making the final decision after another polling of the family's preferences.

The three ideas are:
  1. A Ski Trip for Flar and Critter and Tigger (while I relax in the bath), represented by Tigger.
  2. A second TiVo and associated re-wiring, represented by Critter.
  3. A Hat Rack for the front hall, represented by Flar.

I get to be final judge and arbiter etc., because it's my bonus. :)
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