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Better living through chemistry

I have a bottle of magic in the medicine cabinet. I got off work almost 3 hours early, and was able to go almost directly to sleep via 1 tsp of hydrocodone syrup. I having to be sparing with it, to avoid migraines, but it was nice to sleep almost exactly eight hours.

Nasty, icky cold.

Yesterday, traditionally my high-energy, clean-the-house day, I got laundry started, fixed a yummy soup, and changed the sheets on our bed. Not a lot accomplished due to low energy, but I think good choices, all things considered.

Today, hot Dr, Pepper to start my day. Then continued laundry and grocery shopping before picking up Timothy at chess club. No work. Maybe start on this week's mail.

Flar and the boys cleaned the kitchen and jacuzzi top for me last night.

gonna stay in a hole until Saturday, when I'm committed to a chess tournament, dinner and drop-by (which may turn into a drop, if my cold hasn't gotten substantially better).

morning, all.

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