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I think I'll call it Dinner

If it's edible, that is.

Olive oil
Pork butt, chopped stew-size (I touched the butt!)
Onion, coarsely chopped (one. note the singular)
Garlic Salt
Lemon Pepper
(what, me measure?)
Pinto Beans (two cans)
Chick Peas (one can, for variety)
Rotel Tomatoes (two cans -- for residents of LA, the only kind we get in the rest of the US are the kind with chilis in them, yes I know Rotel makes regular tomatoes, too.)
Corn (what was left in a bag of frozen kernels)
Green Peppers (what was left in a bag of frozen, diced)
Carrots (baby carrots, chopped in thirds)
At that layer, I dumped the pan of cooked pork and onions in, added more Olive Oil, and fried the slime out of the Okra, then dumped it in.

A few cans of water, a light layer of potato flakes, stirred in.

I should mention I have a largish crockpot.

It's on high. I shall report if anyone liked it. :)

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