Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Been reading. Been writing -- just not journalling.

I still haven't written about the delivery. Roo is a sweet adorable baby girl. I do want to sit down and write out some of the experience, but I feel like I want the time to sit and reflect, and I haven't really had that.

I also feel like reflecting on the dissonance of going home, after so long at my second home. Made even more strange by immediately hosting my parents on a visit here from Texas.

And then I threw myself headlong into Erosul. Gotta stop and put home finances straight tomorrow morning, but since we were out all day today anyway, I got an okay to spend at least a little time journaling. I feel as if so much of what I need to be devoting my time to is duty to others, that I prefer checking in about taking out time for other stuff.

Very quick summary. Roo born on the 11th, Sydb home from the hospital on the 15th, Roo home from *her* hospital on the 18th, and I drove home only slightly ahead of my folks with my kids in a rental car, on the 20th.

Time with Mom and Dad home didn't seem to yield any chore time -- laundry and bills still undone, and I cancelled my Tuesday home on the 16th so I'm working on three weeks of catching up over the next two days. Tigger was in Artkids last week, and Critter went to Paducah with Bébé Tuesday through Thursday. Mom and Dad left for Louisville on Tuesday to attend a Gideons conference that lasted through yesterday. And I spent all my non-social time working on the Erosul site.

Flar is happy enough with the progress that he's actually sent the URL to Gaucha to have a look.

But there still lots left to do, and we want the site ready for use by the first. Use by ordering customers, we hope... Flar's been making lots of contacts, and we've alredy gotten some nice sales, but it will be nice to have the site up and running.

It's actually been kinda fun, sitting in my recliner with my laptop, which Flar's in his leather chair with his. While I've been busily putting pages out there, and incorporating his text, he's been reviewing the pages and suggesting changes, and we've had the Macs are different from PCs stuff. Just wait till I try to get it running properly in Netscape. ;)

Today, Daddy flew back to Texas, and we all drove to Louisville to pick up Mom, who is staying until Thursday. The conference was at the Galt House, and Mom invited us to Sunday brunch there. It was very yummy. And I even had a mimosa. As an after brunch drink, since they can't serve alcohol until after 1pm on Sunday.

After brunch, we all dropped in on Wolf and Sydb and Roo. After changing out of civilized dining clothes into park clothes, Mom and I dropped Flar and the boys off at Kentucky Kingdom, then went back to Wolf and Sydb's to spend the afternoon. It turns out that the twilight price went into effect at 3pm, so they got into the park for even less than the $8 apiece discount coupon would have done. Meanwhile, Mom and I got to have yummy queso and enchiladas for dinner, and then Mom watched while Wolf and I played a couple of versions of Proteus.

He won both rounds, but I only lost the first by 2 points, and wasn't in bad shape until the final stage of the second game, so Mom's suggestion that I concede seemed reasonably ignored. ;)

All in all, it was a very nice day, and a welcome break from non-stop coding. (The laptop does get a bit warm around the edges, after all.)

We stopped for Krispy Kremes on the way home, then Critter stayed up for awhile to play with the dogs while I read email and live journal and talked with Mom.

Tomorrow we have NO PLANS!!! I'm going to tackle the mail, then the finances, and Mom said she could help with the laundry. Both of the boys are home, so we can give them all the dog responsibilities, and get our stuff done too. Maybe we'll even get together a menu and grocery list for the week.

And now, I'm going to *gasp* go to bed before midnight. Well before midnight.

Oh, I was going to mention some of the little stuff I would have been writing about, in between. Like the fact that Critter's fingers are now officially longer than mine! (And I generally beat most adults on this one.) His feet are definitely bigger, and he may be taller than me by the end of the summer.

And there's been other stuff, but it appears to be lost to the mists of my mind. I'll be pleased when I've done with catching up, with finishing out Erosul, and able to write without feeling like it's stealing time needed for The Important Stuff.

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