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Spinning back up

The combination of five day weeks, early Christmas and Mom and Dad being here have all conspired to keep me offline for days on end. I've been keeping up with email, but I'm weeks behind on reading LJ, even in the printout form in which I've been indulging since the cruise.

Opman has me back on 3 days for now, with a nod toward extra days when indexing piles up. They're in the midst of making changes to the doors at work. Last night, I had to use the front door, whose reader hates my card. The new system won't be cards, but I don't have the new "key" yet, so I need to show up early tomorrow night, before the doors lock. I'm planning to call Opman about the key situation -- I'm hoping he already has one for me, and can leave it for me to pick up tomorrow night.

My portable DVD player is on the fritz, so I'm switching to music/books on CD til I get it repaired or replaced. Meanwhile, I'm getting my DVD fix while I do Quicken on the Mac.

I spent much of today getting the house back into the ordered chaos that usually reins. I've folded two loads of laundry and about to hang out another, with two more following that at least washed on today's watch. I've cleared off the kitchen table and updated Quicken. I just printed a "state of the checkbook" for Flar, and I've tons of errands, calls and tasks at home tomorrow, after BSF.

And hey, I'm still getting to sleep earlier than I would on a work night. ;)

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