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Merry Christmas! (Part the first)

Mom and I forgot to thaw the bread dough for the Bubble Loaf, so we're done preparing for the morning. The stockings are stuffed, and Critter helped me carry in the last present. We opened Christmas Eve presents earlier in the evening, so the Tigger and Grandaddy and Flar could go on to bed. I couldn't find the package with my pajamas, but my generous son had wrapped up Elf sustenance for my late evening: a five ounce Hershey's bar.

We had a late dinner tonight. Flar prepared Spicy Glazed Shredded Chicken that was ready around eleven. But that seemed about right, after eating hot dogs with chili around 3pm. Brody and Truly brought their kids over this afternoon for a late lunch and visit, before going to see Zathura.

This morning, Mom and I bought a few last minute gifts, and picked up a few things for lunch today and tomorrow. We started the day by dropping Critter off to work all day with Berry, editing an iMovie. She returned him around 9:30.

Mom, bundled up Critter, bundled up Yesterday started rather early for all of us. Flar and Daddy started their shopping at CompUSA the night before, then snagged us our place in the Best Buy line. Then Critter and Mom and I relieved them and braved the cold for two and a half hours. We got interviewed by the paper this time while we were standing in line. Flar wasn't allowed to read the paper today, since he didn't know about our Not [so] Evil Plan. The temperature was 13°F when we drove to the parking lot, and we were prepared for the cold.

We were successful in most of our shopping, including the Not [so] Evil Plan. Daddy got home from his run to Staples and Lowe's and Radio Shack and Meijer five minutes before we returned from Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, White Castle and CVS. Flar was not far behind us. I don't know all of his list, but I know he went to Circuit City and Sears and more. Mom and I each wrapped a bunch of packages that afternoon, and later in the evening, Flar and I took Critter and Tigger and T to see Chicken Little. It was quite funny, but I didn't manage to stay awake for all of it, and I went to sleep by 9:30 when we got home.

Tomorrow morning (okay, this morning), we'll be opening presents at 7am, then going to the late service at church. After church, we'll be stopping at Meijer for Mom to get clothes for Critter, as she didn't buy him any for Christmas. Ro and Knight are coming over sometime between 2pm and 5pm so that we can open presents with them before Bébé and Scarlett arrive at 6pm for dinner. That will complete Christmas, part the first; the second Christmas will take place at Bébé's house on Sunday the 18th. For Christmas, part the fourth, Flar and Critter will be at the beach in Brazil, and we will be with Ro and Knight on the 25th.

sleep now. presents later...

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