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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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First Lesson
Student Driver
I am so glad that Flar was home in time for the first lesson. He promised to teach the boys, and I am not participating in anything more than the inaugural lesson for each. It's been too many years since I learned to drive -- I've forgotten what it was like to learn to steer...

Anyway, Mom and Tigger and I survived the roller coaster ride in back of the van, while Flar led Critter through his first lesson. Idle speed on the downhills, barely any accelerator on the uphills; a slalom of curbs in an almost empty Kohl's parking lot; lots and lots of saintly patience by Flar, who never raised his voice or sounded at all nervous, for that matter. I covered my head with my head at one point.

Critter parked the car in the Cici's lot, and did a better job than my dad usually does. ;)

I'm thinking I'll let Flar handle the clutch lessons too, when the time comes.

And here I'd thought I'd used up all the man's patience.

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me thinks Flar must be part saint...

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