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Mildly productive day

It really started last night at bedtime, when I changed my sheets. This morning I woke up in a nice tucked-in bed, snuggly in a cold house. We're determined not to turn the heat on until December, so I made the bed with double comforters.

I drove Tigger to school, then came home and started the laundry. The laundry room floor was in need of mopping, so I did that while the first load was washing. I put the room back together and moved the laundry a step, then sat down with the dogs for some couch-time/TiVo viewing. One Desperate Housewives and a King of the Hill later, the laundry was ready to move another step.

Flar called this morning, and clarified what he wanted in a car-book (yep, a $2 cheapie was what he was looking for, which means that errand is complete). Maybe for Christmas I'll get him a pretty leather cover to keep it in.

I kept the laundry moving and cleared off the jacuzzi, cleared the to-do pile to the left of my keyboard, fixed fresh guac dip to go with my southwest eggrolls, and left in time for errands before car-line.

In the process of updating quicken, I found out Flar had not carried the first mortgage to the bank while I was on the cruise - the past due note didn't come until after I was back. The check was still on the fridge where I'd left it for him, so I took that with me for my first errand, which entailed dropping off papers and depositing a check.

Then I dropped off more Tigger names at Kinko's, to be laminated for car visors. I left mine in Envoy's car when he was visiting, and decided I could use some back-ups.. On the way to school, I stopped by a bank downtown to drop off more papers, and then I had time to knit a few rows of scarf while I waited for car-line to move.

Last week, Tigger got a D- on his spelling test. It doesn't come easily to him, but that's just plain not trying. So he's on no-{TV, game systems, computer} for two weeks (the interval between tests -- he aces the vocab unit every other week), and I'm drilling him every day. Today he missed 9 out of 15 words on the first run through, but we got it down to 5 before he was too tired to spell. Tomorrow I'm planning to do written drills, as it really is harder to spell aloud than on paper.

I'm responsible for bringing snack to Chess Club tomorrow, so I baked muffins, and now I've got a mac-n-cheese/chicken casserole in the oven that will be ready just as I leave for work.

Go me. Wonder how late I'll be working tonight?

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