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General update

Sitting down to write at the end of a hectic week back home. Opman asked me to work extra hours to cope with a backlog that developed while I was gone, but I barely cleared 30 hours after everything was said & done.

Mind you, the longer nights were Tues and Thu, so I missed BSF & Life Group. Fri was a very short night, so I hung out with Knight & Ro before driving home.

I probably could have gone to Life Group on Friday after all, but I found out how short the queues were *after* I called to cancel...

Flar is in Brazil, now. He left on Friday afternoon, leaving me with the usual pile of deposit slips, checks, and miscellaneous errands. So far, with the help of Knight, I've already dropped the station wagon off at Scarlett's, made a slew of copies, fedexed something, bought a 2006 calendar, and a very simple auto expenses book.

This week and next, I get to drive Tigger to school every day. I've also identified four days when Tigger will be camping out in the server room while I'm working. I've got errands to run some of those days, and maybe I'll even go swimming...

Meanwhile, my weekends have gotten busy: Halloween, then a chess tournament, then Critter's birthday, then another chess tournament, then Thanksgiving. Amazingly, I expect to get to relax in December -- comes from deciding to celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend...

This weekend I've been mostly a slug -- ran a couple of Flar errands, bought some office supplies, filled a 10 thing grocery list & treated the boys to dinner at Schlotzsky's. Slept in nice & late each day, had a relaxing bubblebath and cleared the TiVo of my accumulated programming.

Tonight I'm providing moral support while Critter cleans his room. After we get him settled, I'm going to fix myself an ice cream cocktail, change my sheets and hop in bed to start a new three-in-one that Ro loaned me.

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