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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Back at home
Flar and the boys gave me a clean house to work with, so I'm keeping it that way. The kitchen table is nearly unsullied by my return, and I've done the paltry few dishes that appeared in the bin overnight. I've washed, dried, sorted and put away one load of clothes, and there are two more in the washer and dryer. I should be able to finish up the laundry tonight after work and tomorrow.

Knight has already put vacation pictures on his computer; I have all of them on SD cards, but I'm a bit slower on putting them elsewhere.

I've unpacked all my bags, and have various and sundry on the massage table to put away before Flar wants it back on Thursday to pack for his next trip to Brazil. He's leaving on Friday.

I've sorted all the mail, and have called to fend off higher KU payments for another month or two. I'll update quicken tonight or tomorrow.

Feeling energetic and ready to face the world...

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Welcome back :] *hugs and kisses*

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