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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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On the open sea
Tomorrow we dock at Aruba, so today was one of the two days at sea for the cruise. I slept through most of this one - I hope to be more awake for the next one. ;) I have now gotten my requistie day of sheer laziness that makes it pure vacation for me.

Ro and I got all dolled up for a formal dinner tonight - Knight didn't want to pack a jacket and tie, so he opted for the buffet. One of the pictures I intend to include in my cruise scrapbook is the one we got tonight of Ro and I around a beautifully tuxedoed man with a gorgeous mohawk. I hope I'm not stereotyping to say I assume he is gay, as he is travelling with another gorgeous male, as well as by the way he talks and carries himself.

I checked online today about GPRS access on my account, and found that it's possible to access the data net when I might be charged roaming fees, so I'm going to call 611 tomorrow to find out if I can use GPRS access in Aruba under my unlimited plan. Meanwhile, Ro and I are busily using up the second block of 250 minutes on the ship's wifi.

Anyone who'd like more of a travelogue about our vacation is better off checking out roina_arwen's page. I suck at travel writing.