Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Happy Birthday to me!

Been busy lately, reading LJ on my phone and working and not sleeping in the mornings like I'm supposed to (too many errands out). I decided to spend the weekend off my foot as much as possible, as it's still quite swollen. Which means hanging in the living room and borrowing Critter's laptop, rather than doing stuff at my desktop.

I've entered all of Critter's books into Readerware databases, thus looking productive while I keep my foot up. I've also caught up on SciFriday and added a Season Pass for Desperate Housewives.

Last weekend, Envoy was here for early birthday, then Spydie treated me to lunch on Thursday at Dudley's. I was up every morning: Mon and Tue with Enoy, Wed for BSF, Thu to drive Critter to school early, and Fri to drop my car off at Mook's, and Small Group. Tired'kin by the end of the week.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Zee and Details. Zee quit this week, leaving me alone with the new crew. So we went out to lunch, and caught up with Details, who's been working for CKBC for some time now. The second shift is down to three, as Green failed to show up or call this week. With Zee gone, I'm looking at a steady 40 hours of work now, even if the scanners leave before I do at night. I'm back to watching DVDs while I work, and especially this week when I was short on sleep, I saw the difference in alertness while I work.

Today, Critter brought me breakfast in bed, which I asked to be held til noon, since Flar had just convinced me to sleep in instead of going to church. I had breakfast in bed at noon-thirty, then got up after a bit. I'm wearing a shirt that I picked up at Wal-Mart on clearance that Flar agreed is flattering. Yes, we're at the stage where I fish for compliments, but he gets points for agreeing. :)

I sorted the mail and added some to the grocery list, then decided that my foot needed up again, so I settled into the family with the rest of the books that I started on last night, and the TiVO. Now it's time to limp into the kitchen and prepare the egg salad and tuna salad and biscuits for my part of the meal. Knight and Ro and Spydie and her family are joining us for Churrasco. I'll finish off my brithday next weekend, with a Firefly marathon and Serenity outing on Saturday.

Flar is heading to Brazil this Thursday, so I'm looking at next week being another sleep-deprived adventure, when I have to drive Tigger to school a day and a week. Then I'm off with Knight and Ro to the southern Carribbean for a week of well-appreciated vacation.
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