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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Falling Apart
Falling Apart
Some days I feel older than others.

I had a lovely weekend with Envoy, more about my time when I've caught up more around the house. I'm currently stealing time from myself to rest my injured foot, and feeling as if my body is starting to fall apart.

Sometime shortly after the Dog Paddle last weekend, my bum started hurting. In a way that implies I have bruised my coccyx. It only hurts when I sit in a lounging position. sigh.

I managed to catch some steam just right when I was cooking last Sunday, and a brownish crescent burn mark developed over the course of about three days. It's slowly fading.

A few days later, heading out of Knight's house after a brief visit, I missed the porch step and fell, catching myself with palms and knees. Two somewhat scraped knees, and now few days later, a lovely bruise coming to the surface on the right side, markedly below the initial point of impact. Tender both where I hit, and where the blood is settling.

Then last night, I managed to miss yet another step, turn my foot and land on it. Points for me for not screaming in pain. Fortunate for me that Envoy was there to take care of my pain-induced, radically increased libido.

Hey, but my emotional state is happy and stable. Just a clumsy old woman accidenting herself into comfortable shoes. heh.

Now to limp into the family room to start up the TiVo where I fell asleep last night, and wash dishes and fold laundry. No, I couldn't have scheduled a restful day on my butt, could I have?

Argh, happy belated Talk Like a Pirate Day, from a descendent of the crew of Jean LaFitte.

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Beating yourself up gets you in the mood? o_O *chuckles and hugs* Be nice to yourself hon! The bruises are more fun when made by other people for fun ;D

Yes (blush) years of pleasant beatings will do that to a gal. ;) And, since I didn't want to scream at the time of night, I really only had one other direction to channel the sudden increase in energy.

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