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time flies ...

... when you're not getting enough sleep...

I ended up not sleeping before I drove Tigger to school, and then getting a nice solid 4 hours of sleep before getting up in time check LJ and email and fix a dinner before leaving the house. Second meeting of chess club, wherein I got a key to the new chess supply cabinet, turned in paperwork for Tigger (and myself - Sayre is now requiring background checks on parents in recurring chaperone roles with the students), and talked to my fellow classroom mom, who happens to also be a chess mom. She's happy to do the planning, and let me do the calling other parents. yay! we each get what we'd prefer to do.

I went straight to work from chess club, and sat down to talk to Opman about what he'd expect of me as supervisor. He'll be okay with me coming in late on Wednesday nights so that I can go to church, but we agreed it would be best to skip church this week, so I could be at work for the first full second shift. Work looked light, so I called Zee to tell her I could handle all the indexing. Then, on his way out the door, Opman mentioned another set of queues. I ended up staying well past what would be reasonable for getting up in the morning, and there would have been plenty for Zee as well. sigh.

Late got later, as I had a stop to make at Wal-Mart on the way home. Random stuff we'd run out of, trip triggered by the addition of bread to the list. Baking powder is still on the list. How can a grocery in the Bluegrass, home to Calumet Farms, fail to offer Calumet Brand baking powder?

I got up in time to fix breakfast and determine that the printer isn't printing black (but it doesn't think it's out of ink) before it was time to go to BSF. I forgot to grab a DDP on the way out, but managed to get my way through the morning without falling asleep.

I had plans to meet Berry at noon for lunch. There was enough time after BSF that I was heading around the corner to Ro and Knight's for a micro-nap. But my plans were foiled when I touched base with Berry - she was ready for lunch. I think I drank three glasses of diet coke with my Create-Your-Own pasta bowl.

There was just enough time after lunch to pick up Flar's laundry and the repaired Rainbow (new motor - under warranty; new HEPA filter - not, and pricey) before getting into car-line. Then straight home, where I got a 45 minute micro-nap. Then I fixed Hamburger Stroganoff before leaving the house for work.

Okay, I've already got nicks for the new crew.

Ironman was all set to work a full 10 hours. They showed up at 4:30 today to train with first shift before being handed over to me when I arrived. We had some discussion about whether they wanted to quit at 3 or 1 tonight, since they'd gotten so early, and he was all set for staying till 3.

Green is rusty on mousing skills and is still "getting" the connection between her list of directions and what she's actually doing. A light began to come on when I showed her the report of how many documents versus pages she had scanned. She'll do okay, but for tonight, she had the most questions.

Lamb is the youngest. She caught on quickly, and opted out of the dinner break to get done sooner. She seems comfortable around computers, and only had one question - about a document to big for the scanner.

I actually did quite a lot of helping tonight - mostly Green and Ironman. Around asking the questions, I indexed three queues. Opman gave me a quick run-through of the QA process, but I decided not to try it in the last 30 minutes while waiting for the end of shift.

Opman isn't giving them the door code until he's sure they'll work out as employees, and I don't know if they'll be getting building door cards or not. The upside is that I'm going to be getting 40 hours while there's a full scanning load in the evenings. The downside is that it will be more awkward to take off early (on nights before morning commitments), and I'd been planning to take Monday off entirely while Envoy is here. I'll talk with Opman about that tomorrow.

I decided not to broach the paid-vacation/paid-holidays/bennies question yet - we'll see whether the full second shift is an ongoing thing or a flash in the pan. Time will tell, and I'll wait until after I've taken off the week for the cruise regardless.

And now for sleep. Planning to sleep until at least noon, but I have to leave in time to make deposits before 2 tomorrow.

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