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I woke up to Flar telling me about the various sources of income that should be appearing this week and next. Then I spent the early part of my day working on cleaning the jacuzzi room. It's quite possible that the mysterious smell was the slime living in the condensate pan for the cooler. I emptied it, scrubbed it, and put a splash of Clorox in it to flavor the new condensate. Now when I enter the jacuzzi room from outside, the scent I notice is chlorine. I also folded a couple of loads of laundry, sorted dirty laundry, vacuumed, swept and mopped half the floor.

On my way out the door to pick up Tigger, Flar asked me to do a spot check on our finances. I demurred until I'd be back home, which put the laundry side of the jacuzzi room on hold until tomorrow. But at least, while I was doing paperwork, I got Critter to put the dirty laundry piles into the sorting baskets for me, so that the floor doesn't look as cluttered. I also got him to run some dishes and gave him various short projects from my pile of paperwork as I went through it.

I dropped the rainbow off at the dealer today, for maintenance. The boys report black liquid pouring out of it the last time they turned it on, which didn't happen for me today. I did get a scent of un-lubed sort of burning smell, so I decided a bit of a checkup wouldn't hurt.

While I was out and about, Opman called me about supervising second shift. We're going to talk about it further tomorrow when I'm in the office before he leaves for the day. It will amount to making sure that the other workers do what is assigned to them, and reporting back to Opman if there are any management issues that he needs to handle. I'll get a 10% raise, which will only be in effect while we have a full second shift.

Tomorrow. I'm going to talk to him about the possibility of getting full-time status for myself, since I'm able to put in 40 hours with my current work schedule. If that comes through, it would mean paid time off for holidays, vacation days, and health and dental. But I'm not holding my breath. I'd probably have to start it after the cruise in October anyway, since there's probably an accrual rate on vacation days.

That's all the news right now. Tomorrow I have to drive Tigger, as Flar has to leave the house too early to drop him at school. I'll probably indulge myself by going back to bed when I get home, but if I'm wide awake, Ill finish cleaning the jacuzzi room.

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