Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

I've still got it.

Whoa, but Monday morning does come early after a lazy, sleep-in weekend.

Flood won. Two nights in a row prove that all she wanted was to sleep under the stars. Not a peep out of her at night. This should simplify arrangements whenever Sydb goes into labor -- I'll only need someone to come by and fill her food bowl, change the water in her wading pool, and optionally play with her a bit. But no schedule complications that involve letting her out of her crate, or putting her into it.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Lots of yummy food, much sitting around chatting, and a little game playing. Wolf is a Very Good Teacher. I lost by only 2 points in a game of Caesar and Cleopatra, and won by 1 chip in Othello. Both the first time I'd played, after being taught by Wolf.

I went out with Wolf for the ingredients for crumb cake in the evening, and this magazine cover caught our attention. We were both looking at the same thing on the cover, but I was struck by the coolness of the orange top, and I'm pretty sure Wolf was struck by its filling. ;)

Anyway, I bought the mag, as it's been some time since I actually read a Cosmo, and found out that the top I like is a bathing suit top, and that the retail price is $115. Ah well, it's nice to look at, anyway.

Not much else going on around here. Think I'll search through and see if I can find any of those silly quizzes that Cosmo used to run.

Oh, and fill out that darned insurance paperwork I kind of forgot about over the weekend...ÿ

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