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I just realized that I haven't posted an entry since Thursday...

The new dishwasher is in place. The old one is on the street, and if no one takes it by Wednesday, I'll call Rumpke to arrange a large-item pick-up.

I never did get much of a nap on Thursday, so it was convenient that it was an early night for me -- easy to crawl into bed in time to get up Friday morning.

Friday morning, I dropped Critter off to school early, then dropped my new bug off at Don Jacob's to get a couple of bulb replaced. They have a free shuttle and drove me over to Dennis Drive for Small Group. I was there a bit early, so I got to help move things out from under the tent for it to be taken down. Then our small group spread out to help with more tasks -- I cut cardstock and chatted with S while others helped with taking the tent down. Then we all cut out stars. L gave me a ride back to Don Jacobs to pick up my car, and then I spent the rest of the time before car-line helping in various ways at church.

Friday evening, I forgot to bring my DVD player to work. I discovered that I could easily read LJ on my phone while scanning. Worked until just before 3am, and turned in.

Saturday, the boys and I took the dogs to the Dog Wash at Incredipet, and then over to the Pooch Pool Party at Woodland park. We found out that the scotties will happily swim, but don't particularly choose to get in the pool, while Flood actively avoids the water. I think I've just about convinced Flar that a backyard pool should be easy to build dog-free.

I dropped Critter and Tigger off at A's house for a birthday party/sleepover, and then Flar and I double-dated with Knight and Ro. We watched Brothers Grimm, and then had dinner at Guiseppe's.

This morning, I picked up Critter and Tigger and headed over to Quest for the 11:30 service. Tigger was not amused about being "tricked" into going to church this morning. He stopped sulking after a couple of hours of [adult swim] back home.

I did a bit of cleaning in the bedroom, then napped until it was time to put together my casserole dishes for the potluck. Then all four of us headed back to Quest for the afternoon. Lots of food, games, cotton candy and music. Got to see a bunch of people and sit around and chat and socialize.

The rest of the evening was spent vegging in front of the TV (more [adult swim], now Rome) and talking on the phone to Mom and Knight and Cougarpants. Happy birthday Cougarpants!!!!

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