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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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up so late it's early
Okay, so maybe the regular Diet Dr. Pepper with dinner, at midnight, was a goof.

Woke up a few times between 8:30 and noon, but rolled out of bed at noon. Breakfasted, then skedaddled with the Sam's list. Dropped off prescriptions at CVS, shopped faster at Sam's than I'd expected (it was a pretty short list; but I fit two flats of water, a flat of Perrier, a flat of Chicken Noodle Soup and assorted frozen foods in a cooler bag in the hatch area -- I only had to toss the Bounty in the back seat), and parked in first place in car-line until Tigger came out. We picked up dog food and medicine, then stopped by to visit Ro and Knight.

We got home just a little after Critter, who worked on his math homework before working on dishes for me. I wanted to leave in time to get his hair cut before Celebration. We got there a bit late, but at now he won't look like Greg Brady for his school picture tomorrow.

I went to Celebration with Critter, and didn't get on the road to work until after 9. Of course, the church isn't quite finished, but it's a long way towards it, and it was great to worship in the new auditorium for the first time. We found Coach to drive Critter home, and his offer for a ride home is a standing offer, as long as Critter is cool with getting home late. I predict Critter getting involved in techie stuff for Quest...

Work offered indexing and scanning, so I took my dinner break in-between, around midnight. Nummy, yummy roll-ups, a banana and yogurt. And evil caffeine. I should have grabbed one of the Perriers, even if they weren't cold yet. I'm pig-headed about scanning integer boxes, and I'd promised myself to work fully until 3, since I started so late. The first box was done at 2:20, so I finished scanning at 4:10. Then, oops, I'd forgotten about image processing Zee's queues, so I was there a bit longer.

As I'm still awake this close to wake-up time for the rest of the house, I've decided to make breakfast and clean the kitchen before turning in. The dishwasher is supposed to come at noon, so I figure as long as the kitchen is clean, I'm ready. If I get a load of laundry started while I'm cleaning, I can sleep in dryer units at a time. ;)

Knight is graciously on-call for picking up Tigger if the dishwasher keeps me from leaving the house in time, but now he'll have to head this way first -- I forgot to bring him the name sign. We'll see how it goes this afternoon.

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You know the only soda that has anywhere near the same amount of caffeine as Dr Pepper is Mountain Dew, yes?

I'd never actually done much research on it, but this site appears to show otherwise.

That's still 40mg or so of caffeine. I'd be up for hours.

and i was. i never could nap today, and i was yawning my way through work tonight. bodes well for getting to sleep and getting up early tomorrow, though.

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