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first day of chess club

I woke up before noon today, had time to read and update LJ, then went over to spend time with Ro and Knight. Ro was pretty dozy while I was there, fresh back from her surgery. We watched a bit of Wonder Falls, and then it was time for me to go to chess club.

There was an "all-hands" faculty meeting in the Buttery today, so it took me a bit of wondering around to find the alternate chess club location: the gymnasium mezzanine. We've got a few more kids this years - we'll see how many stick around. I've committed to arriving by 3pm each day, and being available to stay until the last parent shows to pick up their kid. Flar will be picking up Tigger at school or my work, depending on his schedule, and Tuesdays are going to be an early work day for me.

I worked 8 hours tonight, most of it on a somewhat monotonous job. Lots of carry over, and the double-keyed field has data that's long and not copied out on each breaksheet, so it's "faked" - enter a bogus value and chose the original value when questioned. So, lots of repetitive, non-thinking work. Thank goodness for DVDs.

Hazel found a mouse in the break-room sink tonight. I trapped it under a bowl, but then I couldn't find anything to scoop under the bowl. It was too fast for me to grab when I let up on the bowl, and it got under the fridge. Now that I've had time to think about it, I think I could have trapped it in a grocery bag. Ah well, I've an approach if it happens again. At home, we get so much damage from mice, that we're merciless and use glue boards. Had I been able to catch this one, I'd have probably released it in the pasture when I got home.

Tomorrow I need to make a Sam's run, and pick up medicine at the CVS. Then I'll visit with Ro again before it's time to pick up Tigger. Tomorrow night is the first Celebration at the new location for church, so I'll be going into work late.

Thursday is the day they're supposed to be delivering and installing the new dishwasher.

exciting week ahead...

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