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In bed today.
Tummy ick. At one point, Critter brought me "the universe" - my phone. So i'm caught up on LJ and making a micro post.

Flar didn't go to Louisville today, so no Hurricane Bay for me & the boys.

Feels like Lucky Charms aren't causing trouble, but my tummy still feels tender.

Critter also brought me the crossword & offered DVDs. Opted to stick to reading.

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I hope you get to feeling well soon sweetie.

Re: Tea and sympathy

thanks. i'm up today, and fortified with 800 mg of ibuprofin against a more ordinary foe.

what hospital is Ro in?

Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you're better soon!

I'm "better" today. In that, I'm fighting a more ordinary foe, with 800 mg Ibuprofin, and purple OBs.

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