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We went shopping today.

We started at Lowe's, where we picked out a new dishwasher. Critter was impressed that Flar was willing to decide on one at the first stop, but it seems that he really only cared about comparing the Whirlpool that Critter and I liked with the Maytag. We got the Whirlpool.

Next we drove by Béb´'s house to show him my new car. That was the stop at which Tigger figured out that he can get in and out of the car through the hatch, and where Critter demonstrates that he actually fits in the hatch. We can now do a limited clown-car impression when we arrive places. I didn't tell him about the times I used to ride in the inside hatch area of a real bug. I was Tigger's size back then. ;) Bébé declared my car the most feminine he'd ever seen. That was before the purple daisies wilted during one of the parking stops.

Flar has a verbal agreement with a client to pay for a car lease, so our next order of business was car shopping. I wrapped my shopping up as quickly as humanly possible. He likes to drag it out. So today, we looked at three cars. The Infiniti M35, a copper-colored 2004 Nissan 350Z convertible, and the Audi A8. Three very different cars, each with something to recommend it. Estimated completion of car-shopping done Flar's way is October. Unless he decides to wait for Phase 2 of the client projection, when he would have some bonus money to throw at a more expensive car. (The A8 is a little out of the price range he's currently negotiated.)

After that, we caught The Sound of Thunder. It was a fun movie, but the pseudo science was more than a little distracting in its absurdity. I'd have loved the same plot with a different explanation vector.

Critter declared that he wasn't hungry enough for all-you-can-eat dinner yet, so we stopped at Best Buy after the movie. He still hadn't spent his gift card. Now he has a Mac version of the Warcraft threepack, and he and Tigger are planning to play against each other on the LAN tonight. I picked up a copy of The Butterfly Effect, after calling Knight's to see if he has one. While we were there, Flar looked at Large Screen Flat Displays. One of his goals this year is for one of his extra-income projects to make enough to replace our family AV system.

Then we had dinner at Cici's. I scrolled through LJ while we ate. I've added interdictor to my friends list, and mentioned it to Critter, who was already aware of the blog and livecam.

Back at home, we're all spreading in different directions. Flar is going to nap and then talk to Gaucha. The boys are going to play Warcraft II as soon as Critter gets finished installing it on his laptop. Critter is in the family room with Red versus Blue playing, and Tigger is back in his room. Relieved no doubt, after having been dragged around with his family all day. ;)

Me? I'm heading off for a bubblebath, some DVDs, a manicure and pedicure and Dark Peanut M&Ms.

Tomorrow, Critter and I are going to the last service ever in Quest's old building. Service is at 11:30am at 150 Dennis Drive. Let me know if you want to join us, and I'll look for you before the service or save you a seat. :)

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