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The Secret Night Life of the Family'kin

I got home early tonight. Cool. Friday night, and I get home by 11:15. Time to kick back and relax before bed, right?

The house was dark, except for the lights left on at the back for me. Flar's already in bed, almost asleep. Critter was dozing off to a season of Red v Blue that he has on DVD. He decided to move upstairs and go to sleep. Heck, now that he's getting up at 6am, I imagine Tigger is already asleep, too.

See how much partying I miss by working nights? :)

I've had short nights at work thrice this week. Monday was a normal night, and Thursday, the night I need to leave early to get up early on Friday, I had a school meeting that put me to work late, and an actual, honest-to-goodness load of work. So I stayed until 4am with an eye to the next paycheck, and ended up missing Small Group entirely and getting to school in time to see Tigger at lunch, but not eat with him.

My paycheck isn't being automagically deposited yet, so I called and transferred money into savings after depositing and cashing it. Flar finally got two of the checks that he's been waiting on, so tomorrow we get to put more money in the personal account. The closing that was scheduled for today has once again been delayed.

On the bright side, Flar has a verbal agreement with a client that means leasing a car in October, and getting our health insurance costs paid starting in November.

Flar fixed a yummy pork recipe tonight, with a yogurt-dill sauce and cucumbers and tomato slices. A meal that I like well enough that I stayed home to eat an early dinner before work.

I got to snuggle with Knight mid-day, and watch another episode of Wonder Falls. very silly show.

Life is good here...

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