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sleepy day

I was just realizing that it must be a dream, when Knight came in and woke me. I got enough done before bed, that I decided I could sleep til noon, and instead, Knight woke me at 1:45pm. I always have my most vivid dreams in that last bit of sleep, too...

After we picked up Tigger, I had enough time before work to pop enchiladas in the oven, let Tigger read a short story to me, read through the Wednesday notes and the Back to School invitation, and sort today's and yesterday's mail. I also folded a load of work towels, distributed clean rugs, and moved more laundry through the machines.

Another short night at work. And tomorrow night has to be short, because I'm going after parents night at school, and have to leave early enough to get up for Small Group on Friday. Combine that with Labor Day off, and it's looking like a lean paycheck on the 16th.

I ran two errands for Flar on the way to work, but forgot to drop by Kroger on the way home. No biggie; I just have to remember to pick up a cucumber and a tomato on the way to pick up Tigger tomorrow.

I've settled on a Cars Records program for my phone: Auto Slate. It looks like it'll do all I want and way more, and it's cheap. Critter and I have got my Documents to Go working again, so I can write spreadsheets on the fly, as well. Now that I've got a couple of SD cards for it, I should really think about loading some music...

Early to bed may allow me to get up earlier tomorrow...

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